wireless/mobile warehousing

Sigma Data Systems specializes in wireless warehousing and inventory solutions.  We know the value of fast, reliable real time access to your inventory. We can help you to implement a new or upgrade an existing wireless infrastructure. Indoor or outdoor, single site or multi-point locations requiring a seamless mesh to provide exceptional coverage, we can help. We can work with your software vendor to implement a wireless network to their specifications or if your ready to jump into wireless inventory control but don’t have software, we have a team of experienced programmers that can help.

Wireless Networks

Today’s modern warehouse requires access points and wireless controllers that ensure a seamless transition as your devices travel between access points. We have the expertise to make it happen. Specialty product that makes strong signalling hard? We have you covered. Specialty environments like cold storage or high-humidity? We have been there, know the challenges, and can help.

Handheld Computing

We partner with the largest mobile computing vendors in the world to provide the right solution to fit your need. We specialize in handheld, and lift mounted solutions.

Web/Mobile/Handheld Programming

Our team has the experience to provide the right mobile programming tools for you and your business. From handheld scanners to mobile interfaces, we can help.


Our clients work hard to build and grow their businesses.  We’ve been honored  to partner with them over the past 40 years to put our Business-Minded Technology approach to IT solutions to great use.

We look forward to serving you as well.