You need customers to build your business and every customer begins as a lead. Finding strong, qualified leads can be a challenge for any company, but as a small business, you’ve got to obtain leads using the smartest, most cost-friendly solutions available.  Buying a list is hit-or-miss; advertising is expensive.  Where can you find a cost-effective solution to this fundamental business challenge?  Well stop looking because you’ve already found it.

It’s your website. 

You can transform your website from an online brochure to a dynamic, automated lead building machine.  And Sigma Data Systems will help you every step of the way.

Beyond Websites — Extending Your Business Online

The definition of “website” has not changed since the inception of the World Wide Web, but the ways we use websites for business change almost daily.

If your website simply lists a little information about your company and your contact information, you may be missing out on a significant revenue source.

It may be extending your product catalog online to an e-commerce site, setting up a customer portal for service requests, or simply extending your market reach (at a fraction of the cost of a yellow page ad.)

If you’re looking for new ways to reach new customers, retain current customers and create revenue streams, talk to us about using your website to achieve your goals.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to improve the search engine listing rank and general “web presence” of a website to provide qualified leads, increased traffic, and increased market share.

Sigma Data Systems is expert in providing much improved rankings on the major search engines with specific focus on improved results in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and

Contact us today to learn how you can utilize our expertise that has in the past allowed us to improve several websites to a #1 ranking on the major search engines.

Searches for “Delaware storage” or “Delaware carpet” currently show #1 rankings in Google for a few of our clients.

Properly administered SEO should result in the following areas:

  • improved search engine rankings
  • increased number of site hits
  • increased number of unique visitors to the site
  • higher general web visibility
  • higher number of leads (potential customers)

There is intense competition among webmasters to increase visibility and traffic.  Sigma Data Systems only uses optimization tactics that do not jeopardize your site’s presence in the major search engines.

Many companies charge clients high fees to get quick results by using “black hat” tactics.

These may garner quick high rankings but when they are discovered, the sites are banned from the search engines.  The black hatters don’t care because they’ve already collected their fees and moved on.  Our company values its relationships with clients and uses only methods recognized by legitimate sources (usually the search engines themselves) to achieve results.

If you’d like to more visibility for your website in order to increase your customer contacts and potential sales, contact us today and we’ll send you a free website analysis to get you moving in the right direction.

Web Lead Generation for Business

You Already Own A Lead Building Machine.  Are You Using It?

Let the Search Engines Do the Work

Did you know that the top five search engines process over 200 million searches per day?  How many people web searching right now belong to your target market?  How many of them would you like to sell to?  Without affecting the look, feel and flow of your website, we will structure your site to be recognized and highly ranked by the most popular search engines in the world:  Google®, MSN, Ask®, Yahoo!®, Bing®, AOL® and more.  We’ll even focus your visibility to limit the number of out-of-market web surfers that visit to your site.

We’ll utilize the top pay-per-click programs to drive qualified, motivated buyers to your site.  We’ll build, manage and optimize pay-per-click campaigns on the world’s top networks.  Whether your market is local or global, your personalized campaign will bring the most qualified prospects to your doorstep

Instant Two-Way Communication

Your website is not a yellow-page ad.  It should be optimized as a two-way communication vehicle between you, your clients, future clients, and partners.

Collecting email addresses is just not enough – we’ll utilize the fastest, most convenient ways for your future customers to reach out to you and for you to respond.

And with our simplified DashBoardNow technology, you’ll not only collect information about your leads, but track every event including phone contacts, emails, follow-ups and sales, deliveries and feedback.

You’ll even have all your site’s statistics right at your fingertips.

A Compelling Site Means More Leads

Your home page is the most important page on your site.  A dynamic, concise, keyword-rich home page is essential to both Search Engine success and lead conversion.  We’ll analyze your home page for structure and content to make sure you’re utilizing the best practices to make your site shine and lead the way to more business for you.

Specialty entry pages are a great way to qualify leads and analyze marketing strategies.  Sales, featured products, new products, drawings, events and more can all be featured on special entry pages, posted on major search engines and used to draw in interested future customers.

A successful marketing website must feature a compelling call to action.  Your future customers must have a reason to contact you and we’ll work closely with your sales and marketing staff to give them that reason on every page of your site.

Your Website:  The Business-Building Lead Machine You Already Own

A successful website is an affordable, appealing way to communicate your unique selling proposition to your market.  We’ll work directly with your sales and marketing team to ensure that your site enhances their efforts and rewards your business with strong prospects and opportunities to build and grow your customer base.

By working closely with you and focusing on results rather than clicks, we’ll help you realize your goals by expanding your reach.  Your website will become a crucial building block for your business and the most cost-effective marketing and sales tool you’ll ever have.


    Our clients work hard to build and grow their businesses.  We’ve been honored  to partner with them over the past 31 years to put our Business-Minded Technology approach to IT solutions to great use.

    We look forward to serving you as well.