managed/cloud backup Solutions

Backups have never been more important than in todays world. There are more risks than ever to your data and you NEED a comprehensive backup plan. We will perform a complete analysis of your backup strategy and then implement the right plan for you. User files, “bare bones” recovery options, cloud redundancy, and database backup are all our specialty. We also provide critical oversight of your plan ensuring that it is executed and proactively addressing any failures. We even provide services to come to your site and change your backup media for you.


Cloud Backups

We almost all back up or phones and family photos to “The Cloud”, because they are important to us. Isn’t your business data as important. Cloud based backups are fast, affordable, and provide you with peace-of mind. As the backups are kept offsite they also provide redundancy in case of fire, natural disaster, or severe internal hardware failure.

Local Backups

Local backups to mass storage is still the most affordable way to back up your data. We help you design the right plan and can help with daily or weekly monitoring to ensure things go as planned. No one ever likes to hear “the backup didnt run” at the wrong time. We can help.

Hybrid Backup Solutions

The “right” data backup plan is often a mix of both local and Cloud based storage. We work with you to determine the right mix and can help you monitor to make sure things are there when you need them.


Our clients work hard to build and grow their businesses.  We’ve been honored  to partner with them over the past 40 years to put our Business-Minded Technology approach to IT solutions to great use.

We look forward to serving you as well.