Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

25 years ago, the cybersecurity landscape was simpler. Most small businesses settled for a firewall and anti-virus protection and called it a day.

That was then. Times have changed. This is now.

The threats have evolved and so has the security perimeters. Traditional Firewalls & Anti-Malware protection are simply not enough. Cloud Applications, BYOD, Mobile devices have blurred the lines between your business’s network and the unprotected domains of the internet. Insider threats, state sponsored intellectual property theft and corporate espionage can cause incalculatable damage to a small business, often crippling them to the point where they are unable recover. Its time to re-think small business cybersecurity.  Sigma Data Systems provides a full range of cybersecurity solutions designed to help businesses protect themselves in today’s ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.

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Managed Software Update Solutions

Nothing is perfect in life, and neither is computer software. As a result, Operating systems applications and programs may all contain programming bugs or critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to compromise your business systems.  Sigma Data’s Managed Update Services helps protect your business by monitoring your systems and identifying needed updates. Our solution will pro-actively install new or missing updates to ensure your systems are protected, and vulnerabilities are patched properly.

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Managed Anti-Spam / E-mail content control

Today’s businesses are heavily reliant on E-mail communication for sending and receiving critical business communications.  Unfortunately, it has also become a primary method of hackers for compromising your network infrastructure. Furthermore many business owners often forget that E-mail is discoverable in most legal jurisdictions.

How do you protect your business from Spam, Phishing or Data leakage as a result of e-mails sent and recieved by your employees?

Sigma Data Systems’s Managed Anti-Spam & E-mail controls solutions utilize best in breed technologies to help ensure Spam & Phishing e-mails get stopped before they hit your employee’s inboxes and helps regulate and monitor your e-mail systems to prevent your employees from emailing files or PII that shouldn’t be sent via e-mail.

Our advanced monitoring tools help ensure your mail gateways  are always protected and e-mails sent and received comply with your company’s policies & industry privacy regulations.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

No matter how good your defenses, bad things can happen. Whether it be a new virus or simply a fire sprinkler break, data loss can happen.  Hard drives fail. its not if, its when. Having a good, tested & monitored backup solution for your business’s critical data is essential.

Have you checked your backups lately?

Do they restore properly?

Waiting to find out the day of crisis is a disaster waiting to happen. Sigma Data Systems monitored backup & disaster recovery solutions take the question and worry out of backups.

Sigma Data’s solutions actively monitor the status of backup tasks, confirming they ran successfully and conduct random test restoration of files to ensure the data will be available should tragedy strike.

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Managed Firewalls & Network Infrastructure

While the network permeter may have changed, the importance of proper firewall security and network device management has not. Do you know what devices are connected to your network? Do you have a rogue device sitting on your network waiting to be exploited. If your not pro-actively monitoring your physical network infrastructure, chances are you have an unsecured device waiting to be compromised. Take the guesswork out of your network management with Sigma Data Systems’s Managed Firewall and Network Infrastructure solutions. We can monitor the status of your firewalls, switches, even printers, helping ensure your network is properly configured and operating at its optimal performance.  This increased visibility helps protect your network by monitoring for network anomalies which might indicate potential intrusion or malware activity.


Sigma Data Systems’s SOC-as-a-Service provides clients with the the protection of a 24×7 SOC without the costly personnel or complex infrastructure. Sigma’s SOC-as-a-Service can help your business comply with stringent industry cybersecurity and data privacy regulations.

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Managed Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware

Today’s business is always on the move. As such today’s technology moves at the speed of business.Today’s business technology is regularly exposed hundreds even thousands of threats during the course of business. Laptops, Mobile devices frequently leave the protection of the office network and are exposed to public wifi & internet. As such anti-virus/anti-malware software is critical in protecting these devices and preventing them from bringing a trojan horse back onto your critical business network & servers.

Is your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software working?

How do you know?

Leave the guesswork and headache of manging your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware platform to Sigma Data Systems.  Sigma Data systems’s Managed Anti-virus platform helps protect and your endpoints whether they are at the office or at the airport.

Our advanced monitoring tools help ensure your devices are always protected and complying with your company’s policies.  If a client detects malware infection or other attempted violation of  defined protection policies, it immediately takes steps to remediate the issue and alerts the appropriate personnel so further action can be taken if necessary.


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