Cybersecurity Awareness training

Sigma Data Systems provides a full range of Delaware Employee cybersecurity training programs for organizational employee training. From cybersecurity Awareness Lunch & Learns to full day annual employee refreshers, Sigma Data Systems can provide your organization with critical training it needs. 

Your staff plays a critical role in protecting your digital assets. Does your staff know how to respond to a cyber threat?  Cyber-security awareness training can help ensure your staff is prepared.

However, training is only the start of the conversation about protecting your business in a digital world. Sigma Data Systems is here to help. Request your free cyber-security assessment today and get SigmaSecure. 

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Employee Cyber Security Training
Corporate IT Policy Training

Corporate IT acceptable use policies are critically important in today’s businesses. However, these policies are only as good as the employee’s understanding of them.

Sigma Data Systems’ custom employee training programs tailor cyber security awareness training specifically to your organizations needs and policies. As a result, the training is more relevant to your employees using real life scenarios that could happen at your organization.

Contact Sigma Data Systems at 302-274-0441 or E-mail us to arrange corporate training today.

On-site Training

Is your staff too busy to attend off-site trainings or lectures?  Let Sigma Data Systems bring the cyber security training to you.

Many of Sigma Data Systems’ employee cybersecurity training programs can be offered in on-site format. We offer on-site training programs to companies in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Maryland. As a result, your staff receives the critical training they need without ever leaving the office. Whether your organization wants a lecture breakfast, lunch & learn or small group sessions, we can offer a training solution to fit your needs.

For employee cyber security training programs for your business, contact Sigma Data Systems at 302-274-0441 or E-mail us to arrange corporate training today.

GDPR & NIST Cyber security framework training.

Where do you do business? Sigma Data Systems security training can help your organization prepare to meet the stringent GDPR and NIST Cyber Security Framework regulations

Social Engineering Awareness

Hackers now use social engineering as a primary means of attacking business networks. Whether by phone or e-mail, these attacks are designed to disarm your employees and trick them into disclosing sensitive information.

Sigma Data’s Social Engineering awareness programs will help educate your staff on these attacks.

Knowing the warning signs of these techniques will help your staff protect themselves and your organization.

Cyber Security Awareness Programs

Sigma Data Systems offers a wide variety of cybersecurity awareness programs.

Our onsite employee trainings will help educate your staff on the latest security risks to your business.  Furthermore, our programs help train your staff on both how to avoid these risks, and what actions to respond should a cyber incident occurs.

For employee cybersecurity training programs for your business, contact Sigma Data Systems at 302-274-0441 or E-mail us to arrange corporate training today.

Cyber Security Training Programs
Cyber Security Awareness Presentations

Sigma Data Systems offers cyber security awareness presentations for a variety of organizations.

Sigma Data Systems has conducted presentations for numerous businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

If you would like Sigma Data Systems to present a cyber security awareness program at your organization, call us at 302-274-0441 or E-mail us.

Employee Cyber Security Testing

Your staff’s use of the training you provide is as important as the training itself. Therefore, Sigma Data Systems can help make sure your staff follows the policies and training provided to them through random testing.

Sigma Data Systems offers its training clients a variety of options to test your staff for compliance with your security policies. From Phishing e-mails to social engineering phone calls, Sigma Data Systems can test your staff to make sure your employees apply the training they were provided.


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