Cybersecurity risk assessments

Sigma Data Systems provides a full range of cybersecurity solutions to fit your business’s needs.  We utilize best practices and nationally recognized cybersecurity standards when conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment for your business, including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and can implement solutions to be compliant with a variety of cybersecurity standards, including HIPAA, SOX, GDPR to name only a few.

It’s time to have a conversation about protecting your business in a digital world. Sigma Data Systems is here to help. Request your free cybersecurity assessment today and get SigmaSecure.

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The Initial Sit-down

The first step in our process is to have a conversation. We look to understand your business and help you understand the cycle that is ongoing cybersecurity.  We’ll answer your all the questions and lay out a road-map of the process.

The Questionaire

After we have the conversation about your business, Sigma Data Systems provides you with an questionnaire which helps make you answer the tough questions about the current state of your cybersecurity posture.  Don’t worry, while only you can answer these questions, we’re there with you every step of the way to help you understand the questions and provide guidance as to why that information is important.

The answers from this questionnaire provides important and critical insight into your business and your business’s current cybersecurity posture.

The Physical Assessment

Once your organization has completed your questionnaire, our team goes to work.

Our team will look at your  computers, servers, network configurations, what polices and procedures you currently have in place among many other things.

Based on our findings and the information you provided about your business, we can determine your strength & weakness in relation to the various cyber security regulations that apply to your business.

Remediation proposal

Once we have completed our assessment of your business’s systems we can identify in what areas your system may be falling short.

We look at the regulations that apply to your organization and develop a plan to implement the required protections and re-mediate existing issues in order to comply with current standards. Once your accept the proposal, we will then implement the outlined solutions.

Image Credit: N. Hanack/NIST


Annual Reassessments & Updates

Technology changes, and so do the regulations. Sigma data can help re-assess your cybersecurity annually in order to make sure your newest tech is configured properly and update your cybersecurity to meet any new applicable regulations that might apply to you.

Ongoing Monitoring

Once we complete the implementation of your remediation plan, the work doesn’t end.

You have a business to run. Let us help keep an eye on your computer network.

We offer full system monitoring to help make sure your systems remain in compliance with applicable cyber security regulations. We can also help with annual cybersecurity training to help keep your staff cyber aware.

Incident Response

Cyber Incidents can happen to anyone, even when your business does everything right.

If something does happen, whether it be a malware infection or actual network breach, we are here to help. We can quickly respond to help re-mediate minor issues and help make sure you comply with any applicable regulations. For large scale events, Sigma has established partnerships with cyber-forensic firms and can help should you need to work with law enforcement.


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