Airbase Carpet and Tile Mart

Airbase Carpet and Tile Mart

Retailer with 11 locations in the Tri-State Area

Medium/Large — over 300 Employees in two states

Airbase Carpet and Tile Mart, with over 300 employees and 11 retail locations, is one of the largest flooring retailers in the nation.

The Business Need:
To utilize the web to drive sales and better manage information for their management team

The Solution and Technologies:
Sigma Data Systems implemented a three-pronged approach to fit the customers need.

We helped them replace their PHP website with a lead-generating site utilizing Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server.  This new site fit their needs as a large retailer.  Also, it is structured specifically with growth  and flexibility in mind.  This will allow Airbase Carpet and Tile to adapt their site as their business changes and grows.

To increase sales conversions, we implemented a custom web-based system to capture sales leads that  instantly routes each lead to closest of 11 stores using web services developed by Sigma. This allows Airbase to utilize their experienced sales force in conjunction with their website.

Finally, management needed a way to efficiently share and evaluate sales data that was stored in their DB2 database. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the IBM AS-400/iSeries arena, Sigma was uniquely positioned in the industry to develop the system to deliver this sales data in real time via the web, utilizing their existing investment in the IBM iSeries backend data warehouse.

The Future:
We are continuing to work with our business partner, Airbase Carpet and Tile Mart to continue to use new web technologies along with their exisiting infrastructure and assets to grow their business.