August 21, 2017


Since 1978, Sigma Data Systems, Inc. in Delaware has partnered with businesses large and small to provide cost effective IT solutions  for their unique business needs.

Through the years, the tools and techniques in the technology industry have changed in magnitudes, but the Sigma Data commitment to best value for our customers has remained constant.

Our Service mark, "Business-Minded Technology" reminds us that our skills in system design, programming, technology installation and support are focused on our customer's business objectives.

For over 30 years, our success has been founded on independence of recommendation, depth of technical expertise, general business acumen and a strong commitment to our business partners.

Our clients have praised the 'one-stop' shop approach that we can deliver due to our unprecedented tenure in the IT services market and the veteran core staff that bring a deep knowledge level of programming, electronics, industry technology and diverse commercial segment experience.

Our customers have experienced the value of effective application of IT to leverage resources to help them achieve their business goals.


"I am truly amazed at the amount of web traffic and the amount of sales leads that we are getting."

Michael Longwill, President
Airbase Carpet and Tile Mart

Cloud Computing

We've gotten a lot of questions regarding Cloud Computing lately.  Like most technical jargon "Cloud Computing" has come to mean different things to different people depending on each person's perspective.  We've approached Cloud Computing the same way we've approached every other technology -- from the business standpoint. 

Cloud Computing, while not new, is being utliized many ways by organizations of all sizes to save money and extend existing resources, but it is not a viable option for every business.  If you'd like to know more about "The Cloud" and how it could benefit your business, contact us.  We'd love to talk to you about it.

We've linked to an interesting article about Cloud Computing from "The Wall Street Journal."



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